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Muddy reviews: Roasted by Jack and Scott

Blumenthal's boil-in-the-bag roast! Not Heston but his son Jack who is delivering posh Sunday Roasts to your door. Spoiler alert! They're delicious.

Chefs Jack Blumenthal Scott Perkinsin the kitchen


Jack Blumenthal (yes, Heston’s son – can’t you see the resemblance?) and Scott Perkins are both Michelin-trained chefs with 30 years’ in the biz. They’ve worked at The Fat Duck, L’Ortolan and Petrus, to name a few, but when restaurants temporarily closed last year, they launched Roasted by Jack & Scott – a boil-in-the-bag Sunday roast delivered to your door.

While you might be thinking this has all the culinary appeal of Spam, you would be mistaken. With Jack and Scott’s chefy know-how they deliver restaurant-grade, minimum effort Sunday roasts. Little washing up and hours saved slaving in the kitchen. They do 90% of the cooking, all you have to do is reheat. The results are surprisingly good. Not that there was ever any doubt, the apple doesn’t fall far from the Blumenthal tree.


Roasted by Jack and Scott Beef

A little foodie loveliness delivered to your door. It’s simple. You go online, order what you fancy (by 9pm Tuesday): braised beef, pink beef sirloin, pork belly or a Veggie Wellington, with roast potatoes, pickled red cabbage, thyme and anise carrots and gravy. Roasted boxes can be sent anywhere in the UK, and arrive on Fridays. The food is packed in insulated boxes with ice packs to keep it all cool and fresh. Then pop it in the fridge and scoff the lot within three days. Most of the elements are vac-packed and ready to re-heat which takes about 30 minutes. No need to prize yourself out of your elasticated trousers or even brush your hair if you’ve been possessed by the spirit of Waynetta Slob. Just crank up your oven, boil a large pan of water and open of a bottle wine. Happy happy lockdown days.


Roasted box

I am a roast devotee. It’s a must every Sunday, so expectations were high. And to be honest, the vac-packed, boil-in-the-bag nature of Roasted’s at-home experience was a bit of a head scratcher. Was it really going to be that nice? Well, it is – and it’s clever.

We had gone for the pork belly, with spiced apple sauce. The menu with instructions is presented in a Roasted envelope. You start by emptying the roasties onto a roasting tray, drizzling with olive oil and sprinkle the rosemary (provided) and slam that in the oven. Next you remove the pork belly from its bag and and that’s oven-bound too, along with the cauliflower cheese. Phew, I had visions of the pork bubbling away into a gelatinous mess. It was a relief that this little piggy was going to crisping up nicely at 180°C.

The rest of the sides and gravy get dropped into a large pan of boiling water to fulfil their boil-in-the bag destiny – carrots, red cabbage Hispi cabbage and peas and gravy. The last jobs are to pop the pre-cooked Yorkies into the oven 5 minutes before serving and pour the wine (if you haven’t cracked that bad boy already).

Now I should have laid the table and made it look pretty, but I was so hungry we tucked in without fuss of Insta flair. The other half was muttering about takeaway roasts never travelling well, but this was every bit as good as you would have in restaurant (although I need to work on pretty plating). The cookery was perfect – and that had nothing to do with me. No soggy veg, potatoes and Yorkshire puds were crispy and the pork was melt-in-the-mouth. I don’t know what wizardry goes on at Roasted HQ, but Jack and Scott have created something really special.


GOOD FOR: Anyone who misses a posh Sunday Roast. It’s a brilliant option for couples who want a cosy Sunday in, drinking wine and no arguments about who’ll be abstaining to drive you home. Portions are generous too.

NOT FOR: If you prefer a no frills approach to your food – ie sans any foodie flourishes – then this is not for you. Personally, it’s the chefy magic tricks that make this roast great.

THE DAMAGE: Menus are £28.50 per person with additional sides costing £6.50. You can also add a pud for £6.50 per person. It’s not cheap, but portions are generous and it’s what I would expect to pay for food of this quality.

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Want to know more about these two chefs? read my interview with Jack Blumenthal and Scott Perkins.

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