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Would you take a seat on the vagina gym?

Muddy straddles the Emsella to see if it will be a yes yes yes from us… Apparently it takes years off your pelvic floor and can even supercharge your sex life.


Before your mind drifts down a rabbit hole of kinky thoughts, it’s not THAT kind of chair. While it isn’t going to win any style awards, the Emsella is a game-changer that can increase sexual pleasure and allow you to jump on a trampoline without wetting yourself.

Let’s be honest, your pelvic floor takes a battering – childbirth, weight gain, illness, ageing… the list goes on. While many women suffer in silence, there is something you can do about.

Andresa Aesthetics in Aldermaston was the first clinic in the South of the UK (outside of London) to invest in the ‘kegel throne’ and people travel hundreds of miles to straddle their magic chair to give their vagina the workout of its life. In the interest of Muddy research, I thought I’d take a pew and find out what Emsella is all about…


In a word, the Emsella chair strengthens the pelvic floor muscles using an electromagnetic charge. You have to find the ‘X marks the spot’ position on the chair to ensure the right area is targeted, then simply sit with your legs spread like Annie Get Your Gun for 28 minutes and relax (sort of). No need to expose your lady parts to strangers, you remain fully clothed and it’s 100% non-invasive.

Why is it being offered by an aesthetics clinic and not a women’s health doctor? Because it’s an offshoot of Emsculpt (also available at Andresa), a popular treatment that gives gym bunnies that last little bit of ab definition, often offered by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, so aesthetic practitioners are already familiar with the tech.


The Pelvic Floor muscle is one of the hardest to strengthen with normal exercise. I actually think a six pack would be easier to achieve – and no amount of imagining a lift going up and down and the doors opening, ever worked for me. In fact, as you age, your brain stops talking to your pelvic muscle and makes the problem even worse. Pfff. The good news is that this chair can do 11,000 kegels in one session. It’s basically bootcamp for your hoo ha.


I’d say Emsella is ideal for any woman who suffers from stress or urge incontinence, wants to strengthen their pelvic floor before getting pregnant or hitting the menopause or simply wants to tighten their noo for their own sexual pleasure. For me childbirth, left a trail of destruction. Suddenly laughing, sneezing and trampolining needed to come with a health warning. Treatments in the past have been invasive – and anything that resembles a smear test is always going to be a hard sell. So many women suffer from this and it seriously affects your quality of life.


Six weekly treatments are recommended in total, each session lasting 28 minutes. It takes a few seconds to find the right spot, then simply sit still and enjoy the buzzy whir of Emsella as she works her magic. You can’t have anything metallic on you during the treatment (a phone free zone), so take a book or magazine and relax. It’s no spa treatment. In fact it’s pretty weird, kinda like a conga line of teeny tiny miners drilling inside my lady region for half an hour. – but not really in a bad way As time passes it feels almost normal.

Emsella Chair Andresa Aesthetics Berkshire
The face of a woman who got zapped in the vagina


Good for: Even before kids, my pelvic floor resembled old knicker elastic, so god help me now. I love how easy and discreet it is. Whatever the motivation, better orgasms or to banish Tena pants from your life now or in the future, it’s a game changer. It takes 20 years off your pelvic floor in six weeks.

Bad for: It’s not cheap at £250 per session and a six-week commitment could be a challenge for some. You may also need to have some maintenance sessions in the future.

For more information: contact Andresa Aesthetics. Tel: 01635 800183

1 comment on “Would you take a seat on the vagina gym?”

  • Petra June 19, 2022

    Certainly sounds interesting, but I have been ruled out at the point where it says “You can’t have anything metallic on you during the treatment” since I have a hip replacement on one side. Boo.


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