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Get in the zone

If you’ve lost your fitness mojo, struggling to get started or just want to try something new, check out MyFitZone.


Anna at MyFitZOne wearing grey Lycra outfit and hoody skipping in the garden

Waaaaah! I want to look like this… MyFitZone founder Anna Cousins

It’s dark, it’s cold and the last you want to be doing is slipping into wafer thin Lyca to haul your bottom outside to exercise.

Half the battle is getting started (largely speaking to myself as I dunk one more biccie into my coffee), but once we’ve got our arse in gear, it feels good, right? With so much going on at this time of year – mountains of work, social events, school Crimbo concerts and fayres, Xmas siopping… and we haven’t even mentioned all the regular household stuff.

It can be overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. So it is even more important to make ‘me time’. Yes in my head it involves a spa day, a bottle of wine and a peaceful 14-hour kip, but realistically – unless you have the time and cash of Tamara Ecclestone –  an hour is a bit more manageable and affordable. Go for a run, join a fitness class or treat yourself to a PT session. Bin the idea of diet and exercise, this is about eating and training – making it more sustainable and realistic, ‘cos we’ve all got to eat and I reckon we could throw in a bit of training too.

Wellbeing and mental health are hot subjects right now. Studies have shown that physical activity reduces the risk of depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can also enhance psychological wellbeing, by improving self-perception, self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, by reducing levels of anxiety and fatigue. Basically you’ll feel happier, healthier and more productive – an you’ll be nicer to live with too. It’s a no brainer really.

I used to run a lot, but a young family, work and life got in the way. The pounds have been piling on and every day I tell myself I need to schedule in some time for me (and it never happens).

fur trimmed hood frames the gorgeous Anna Bella from MyFitZone

Baby it’s cold outside… it’s freezing, it’s dark, but training is on

Anna Cousins of MyFitZone is an incredible fitness instructor – her website is epic, lots of videos for you to do at home, healthy recipes, interesting blogs – and she offers different classes so you can pick and mix to stop you from getting bored. Anna created MyFitZone to counteract people’s obsession with body perfection and getting ripped and lean and all the clean eating that came with it.

What’s wrong with just getting fit and healthy without the sacrifice of giving up the things that you love.” Anna explains. “I want to give people some structure to their workouts and provide workout programmes to follow each week with full videos and downloadable plans with easy to follow guides so you don’t have to worry about what you are planning on doing because I plan it for you.” 

“I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, gained qualifications in nutrition and weight management and became a specialist instructor in functional training, suspension training, kettle bells, core strength, Boxercise, circuits, kids fitness and much more!”

Fitness instructor Anna Bella Cousins of MyFitZone stretches in black leggings and blue bra top

Eyes on the prize, there is a gin and tonic at the end of this fitness class rainbow

I popped along Stretch & Tone (a good place to start, according to Anna). It was held on A Monday night at Oakbank School in Shinfield. In my head there was going to be a lot of lying around staring at the ceiling. Er wrong.

It was challenging – a lot of muscles were given a rude awakening. Oh hello tummy muscles! When fit types talk about holding your ‘core’ it’s like an adventure into the unknown. I’m not bothered about a six pack but it’s great to reacquaint myself with the parts of my body I thought were shot to pieces after child birth (er, tummy, pelvic floor, sanity).

The emphasis on stretching and toning your legs, bum and tum make a huge difference to  posture – instant shape enhancer, right there. I didn’t realise the power of a good stretch, although by balance has a lot to be desired.. It felt really good. It was hard, but not impossible. The group in this class were fun, supportive and although some were better than others (Ok they were all better than me) it was inclusive and a magic hour just for me, doing something that benefits me – mentally and physically.

I won’t bore you with the grunts, wobbles and slight cheats that the Muddy body performed over that next 60 minutes I will tell you though that if you want to improve your health and fitness you’ll be doing your body a favour going to see Anna. You can pay monthly for and attend 12 classes or book a block of 6 for a specific class which I like, and her vibe is very positive, knowledgable and a teeny bit bossy in the way you want your fitness instructors to be – you’ll have a work out whether you like it or not!

Peach Band Exercise class in a school sports hall during a MyFitZone class

Grunting, thrusting, sweating… oh and giggling.

The beauty of MyFitZone is that you commit to a class like Stretch & Tone to get your started, or add in a boxing style fat blasting workout, kettle bells, Peach Band workouts and much more  – so you never get bored. You can workout online, or one-on-one PT sessions. It’s a realistic approach for real people. There are lots of  classes to choose from and Anna refreshes the content on her site regularly, and check out her Instagram is totally inspirational (not alienating like so many accounts). The woman does not stop. I’m hoping if I put a pic of Anna on my fridge it’ll stop me from hitting the chocolate biscuits hard.

Anna’s top tips to find your fitness mojo:

1/ Overcome fear. Any new adventure or activity involves some risk and uncertainty — but don’t give up because of feeling embarrassed or being less than an expert

2/ Make it Fun. Focus on the enjoyment that can come from trying new things.

3/ Set realistic goals that are achievable.

4/ Experience the benefits. Trying new things leads to increased confidence and self-esteem

5/ Don’t overdo it.

6/ Never give up! If you are working out but not seeing results, simply back off for a few days and reduce your intensity. Tel: 07496 389011 or email:

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8 comments on “Get in the zone”

  • Carrie November 28, 2017

    I thought I was fit when I started training with Anna nearly a year ago but I soon realised I’d been doing so many exercises wrong!
    It’s great to have someone who focuses on technique rather than going harder and faster.
    In my head stretch and tone was going to be a rest day but it’s always challenging and I’ve really noticed the difference in how less tight my legs are.
    I work full time and have 2 kids, horses and a dog so the online workouts are a Godsend for a quick workout at home!

  • Simon November 28, 2017

    I’ve been a subscriber to the MyFitZone website for about a year now and regularly use the online video workouts which are absolutely brilliant. There are hundreds of them, catering for complete beginners right through to the very fittest, and with a huge variety of workout types – long, short, cardio, strength building, upper body, lower body, stretching & flexibility, high impact, low impact – whatever you want, it’s there! I’ve found that using these together with the workout plans provided has been an excellent way to get much fitter and stronger. I’ve also had personal training sessions with Anna which are always challenging but have been very effective. She has ridiculous amounts of energy and has a way of getting the best out of you with a no-nonsense but supportive approach. In my opinion, she is an outstanding fitness instructor and personal trainer.

  • Tasha November 28, 2017

    I’ve been going to Anna’s classes for over a year now and I can’t imagine not going. Anna has changed my opinion on exercise and I love it now! She’s amazing at what she does and it’s great to see results.

  • JoD November 28, 2017

    I have been attending Anna’s classes since August. Since having children I have found exercising and commiting to it difficult and I lost my love of it. However this has all changed! Anna’s classes are challenging, motivating, varied and most importantly fun! I no longer need to be encouraged to go, it’s quickly become part of my week. Thank you Anna!

  • Jo November 28, 2017

    For the last 3 months I have been going to My Fitzone classes, they are a challenge but fun and enjoyable. I always feel better after a class and committing to going certainly keeps me motivated. With plenty of classes to chose from so there are no excuses not to go. There is no better feeling than a post exercise glow.

  • Karl Parfitt November 28, 2017

    I have been going to Anna’s classes for the last 18 months & now use the online too. Challenging but enjoyable, it has made such a difference and improved my fitness markedly. And blokes, it’s not just for the ladies…I am living proof!

  • Henri November 28, 2017

    I’ve been going to Anna’s classes for a year and a half now and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I was rubbish and unmotivated going to the gym because any time I got tired I’d just stop. It’s really nice to work out in a supportive environment with a variety of different classes, so I’m never bored…and the results are amazing.

  • Karen November 28, 2017

    I haven’t been to the classes but I am a subscriber to the MyFitZone website and i can honestly say that my whole outlook on fitness and nutrition has changed for the better. Not only am i leaner and fitter but I have so much more energy. The great thing is that I have been able to make the changes fit around my busy lifestyle. I am even cooking healthier, tastier meals……bonus for the other half!!


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