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Review: anti-ageing tweakments at Skinvie, Ascot

Botox and anti-ageing injectables are no longer taboo. As a newbie to the world of tweakments I booked in with Dr Anna Puri at Skinvie and love, love, love the results.

Botox and anti ageing injectables Skinvie Ascot and Kew


Confession: I didn’t embrace a skincare routine until my 40s. I’m now rattling through this cruel decade of change when your hair goes grey, wrinkles make an appearance and the spectre of perimenopause have joined the ‘getting old’ pity party. The bathroom shelves are a sea of cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, SPF – every elixir of youth accounted for – but there comes a point when lotions and potions barely touch the sides.

Now in my 47th year, my lines were more noticable and the person looking back at me didn’t really look like me at all. I was never averse to a tweakment but was nervous about who I could trust. Then I met Dr Anna Puri of Skinvie, based in Winkfield Row, a smidge outside Ascot. She’s a working GP and is the go-to for many famous clients, including Anthea Turner.

Dr Anna Puri of Skinvie clinic Ascot and Kew
Dr Anna Puri

The clinic is discreet, so you can pop in and out without being noticed. Dr Anna also has a less is more approach that gives you a glow-getting confidence rather than the rather scary duck face. If your needs are medical, her 17 years in medicine gives her the expertise to use aesthetics to help alleviate migraines, acne, excessive sweating, thread veins, teeth grinding, joint pain and more.


Not all aesthetic providers are equal and, in a largely unregulated industry (you can get a qualification over a weekend), research is essential. It take two minutes to Google an individual or search the General Medical Council‘s database to see if you are dealing with a registered doctor or just a fan of role play. During the consultation, ask about their qualifications, training and experience.


Ask about the products they use and how and where it’s made. For instance, Botox is a brand that only qualified medical practitioners can get hold of – doctors, dentists, pharmacist prescribers or nurse prescribers – so bear that in mind.


Talk about the risks and possible side effects. It’s important your know what happens when things go wrong and the insurance cover they have.


If the practitioner starts pointing out flaws in areas that you were never bothered about, then walk away. Any good aesthetics practitioner wants you feel the best version of you – not Barbie.



BOTOX anti wrinkle injections SKINVIE ASCOT

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, what did I have done.…


First up, Botox – an injectable that temporarily paralyses the overactive facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles. This was definitely an area of concern for me. Dr Anna uses a technique that micro doses Botox into the problematic areas. She maps out the where to inject with pencil dots, ensuring that there is no droopage in the eye area or wonky eyebrows. This is where knowledge of the anatomy is essential. When the needle enters the skin you can here a little pop sound, about 10 pops later and it was done.

The goal was to smooth my frown lines, but very lightly so I wasn’t completely expressionless. The eyebrow lift was just a bonus. I was told to frown, raise my brows and smile for the next two hours to get it all working and return in a few weeks for a check up, when any top ups could be done if needed.

I’ve had other non-injectable aesthetics treatments in the past that were actually more painful than Botox – and you don’t get the same result. To be honest, the consultation was the longest part. The actual time spent in the chair for this tweakment was about 15 minutes.


What is it? To put it basically, glow injections that supercharges hydration into your skin. Profhilo is an injectable deep dive moisturiser. It’s not think like traditional fillers and doesn’t change the shape of your face. Instead it uses hyaluronic acid liquid which is injected under the superficial layer of skin and spreads freely, like honey. It stimulates collagen and elastin leaving your skin looking former, smoother and younger.

I had Profhilo injections in the lower half of my face, which has helped with the jowls and smoothness of the skin. The results are subtle but I love it. My skin feels healthy and I look fresh faced (well as fresh as 47 year old can be) and glowy. Expect pin pricks of pain and to look like you’ve been stung repeatedly by a bee for a few hours afterwards. I experienced a teeny tiny bit of bruising in one spot, but to to be honest I bruise very easily and this is very rare in the majority of patients. It’s a very natural looking treatment which suits me down to the ground. Dr Anna says it should last six to nine months before it needs to be done again – so jury’s out until then. In the meantime, I’m here for Profhilo’s glowy, juicy effect.


Zo Skin Health anti ageing Program from Skinora

Dr Anna is a skincare geek and can create a bespoke regime that is tailor-made for you. I filled out a questionnaire before my consultation to describe mine and what products I use. I always thought I was a common combination but it’s actually on the oily side. What this means is that some products can create more problems than they solve. She sent me off with an anti-ageing system created by Dr Zein Obagi called ZO Skin Health. This included Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads, Daily Power Defense and Growth Factor Serum. Call me shallow but the packing is beautiful, the smell is nice and the results are amazing. I’m guilty of splashing the cash on beauty hall and cult brands, but I’m totally converted to investing in specialist skincare products that use potent ingredients and concentrated formulas to improve and strengthen your skin’s appearance. The results are chalk and cheese.

Skinvie before and after Collage
It’s me before and after


Good for: Quick results and an instant confidence boost. I love what the Botox and Profhilo has done to my face. For me, it’s worth every penny and having a pro like Dr Anna holding my hand through it was the reassurance I needed to take the plunge.

Bad for: Obviously, if you hate needles this is going to be your worst nightmare, but other treatments and a stonking skincare regime will help you look the best version of you. If you want to have injectable anti-ageing tweakments, factor in the cost of upkeep.

£££: Treatments here start at £95 for an Obagi Blue Peel Facial. Botox starts at £165, Profhilo from £330.

Skinvie, Ascot Health Practice 196 Fernbank Road, Winkfield Row SL5 8LA. Tel: 07958 103 412

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