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5 of the best booze-free bevvies

Banishing the booze this month? Sobriety doesn't need to be a sacrifice with our pick of the best alcohol-free drinkies.

If you’re doing Dry January and choosing to give the Muddy mini bar a wide berth, there are alcohol-free alternatives to trick your tastebuds and there’s no need for a paracetamol chaser.


Smells like clean spirit and this alcohol-free drinkie claims to give you the happy kick of booze without the banging head and shrivelled liver. Made using feel-good plants, such as yerba mate and cacao, you'll be the life and soul of the party and still be able to drive home. What's it like? It's a brown liquid, smells sweet, with a hint of apple cider, and we think best served in mocktails or topped up with soda for a posh cola taste.

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It's been featured in Vogue and Time Magazine, but as the name suggests, this softie is local. Berkshire Blend is a premium alcohol-free, allergen free, sugar free drink that has a gin-like vibe, with its cucumber and citrus flavours and spicy top notes. Top up with tonic and a sprig of mint and you're good to go. It also work well in cocktails and 5% of the profits go to mental health charity MIND.

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A new Berkshire start-up, Saicho has created sparkling tea, that pairs brilliantly with food. A great wine alternative, each tea is cold brewed for 24 hours to extract the most delicate and complex flavours, balancing sweetness and a dash of acidity. There are three available: Jasmine (a Muddy favourite), Hojicha and Darjeeling and you'll even find it on the menu at Simpson's on the Strand in London.

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If you're more of a rum and coke kinda gal, then check out Teetotal's Cuba Libre by The Temperance Spirit Company. Serve as you would fully-fuelled with lime wedges and lots of ice and you'll be rewarded with the a drink that measures up to its boozy big sister, cola sweet with a rich spice and vanilla flavour that gives you that hint of warmth at the back of the throat.
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OK, so it's not completely alcohol free, but we're a sucker for quirky branding, and if you're January is damp rather than desert dry then the Holly GoLightly cider might hit the spot with just 0.5% ABV. Booze-free ciders tend to taste like Apple Tango – overly sweet and artificial – but Holly GoLightly is traditional farm cider that hits the spot.
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