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Find your fitness mojo – 5 top tips

Started well but losing your enthusiasm during lockdown? Gecko Fitness nutritionist and coach Sam Ferguson reveals how to stay motivated and improve your health and wellbeing.

Promised yourself you’d eat well and get super fit during lockdown? For many of us, the excuses of commutes, long working days, not enough time and tiredness have been removed – so, er, why can we still not commit to fit?! Sam Ferguson of Gecko Fitness in Yattendon, Berkshire, is the man in the know when it comes to kickstarting the holy grail that is a healthy lifestyle. He leads the Gecko’s Nutrition Programme and is part of the fitness coaching team too. No fad diets or trendy classes. This is pure evidence-based changes to achieve long term results.

Gecko Fitness instructor in gym with woman lifting weight

The team at Gecko is all about the science. They have oodles of experience working with a broad spectrum of clients – reluctant exercisers, enthusiastic Duracell bunnies and elite athletes. It’s not a one-size fits all gym, they adopt a holistic approach to your health and physical wellbeing. So how do we get a grip on our health during these unprecedented times? Over to you Sam…

Sam Ferguson Nutritionist and PT at Gecko Fitness


One of the most common questions we’ve been asked at Gecko since closing the gym is ‘How do I stay motivated?’ and it’s pretty simple. There are three pillars to our work – accountability, education and movement.

Each individual has a different motivation but those three fundamentals remain the same. Whether you’re on a mission to get fit, eat better or you’re an athlete seeking to maximise performance, results are achieved if you commit to learning, exercise and answerability. Here’s why. You won’t fear the scales or your vital stats and in time, eating well and exercising regularly will become second nature.

My top 5 tips to finding to get on track

MAKE LISTS – Structure is good, so planning what you eat will help you make healthier choices. Plan your meals (it doesn’t need to be detailed), to take the decision making out, then shop for the things you need. Going to the supermarket without a list is a dumb idea – you’ll be a smarter shopper with a list and will keep your goal on track. Scheduling exercise will help you stick to it, especially if they/re classes or PT appointments.


MOVE DAILY – This is where wearable tech really helps. Monitoring your activity will help you see what level you are at. If you want to lose weight and you’re currently doing 7,000 steps a day, you need to add 10-20% to help you achieve your goal. If you’ve never exercised before, or want to improve your fitness, seek professional advice. At Gecko new clients all go through a free consultation so we can determine what they want, level of fitness and what activities are best suited. Joining an online class during lockdown means you’re kore likely to stick to it. We’re offering Pilates, Yoga, HIIT and Movement Performance Training. I also tell clients to drink 2L of water a day. Your body will thank you for being hydrated and the need to pee will get you moving more.


SET REALISTIC GOALS – Why do people fail? Because they set unrealistically high expectations. If the goal is too big, there’s a high risk of boredom and injury. Avoid the “f*** it” mentality and focus on what’s achievable. Remember to celebrate your wins, then set the next milestone. Stay positive. If you’ve dropped 4kg but recently put on a 0.5kg, remember you’ve still lost weight. We live in a society that craves instant gratification, so fight the urge to see immediate results. Long, slow gains, lead to lifelong changes.


TRIAL NEW METHODS – Adele’s recent weight loss has triggered a lot of debate about intermittent fasting and dramatic calorie cutting. And there is evidence that it works, but does it work for you? The 16:8 diet is a popular fasting diet where you consume no calories for 16 hours and eat for eight. Others prefer a 36-hour fast, reducing calories twice a week on the 5:2 can work for others, while others get better results eating little but often. It’s totally individual. But you want to avoid something that kicks in the “f*** it” mentality. The same applies to exercise – mix up running or cycling with a HIIT sessions, body pump or improve movement and mobility with yoga and pilates. Gecko’s online classes give people the opportunity to mix it up.


DITCH THE JUNK – I know it sounds harsh right now to say avoid junk food, but it will only sabotage your good work. We’re under an enormous amount of pressure under lockdown, and the temptation to eat for convenience – because we’re bored or stressed. Set yourself up for success not failure, make friends with your scales, drop the excuses and start that healthy diet and/or workout and stick to it.


If you want additional help to find your fitness mojo, get in touch with Gecko Fitness – the team can help with nutrition, fitness and rehabilitation of injuries. Get in touch and they’ll arrange an online consultation. Tel 0845 302 5810 or email

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