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I spent the day with my niece and nephew the other day and when I arrived my niece came bounding downstairs carrying a spherical orb, ablaze with full-on whacky colour and pulsing out a mega dose of Justin Timberlake. When I asked what it was, my niece and nephew exchanged horrified glances when I said I hadn’t heard of ultimate ears. Within seconds I was plonked in front of a laptop being shown the UE website as they extolled the virtues of this impressive piece of kit. And I’ll admit, it is boombastic and slightly fantastic.


It took about a nano-second for me to be converted. A virtually indestructible bluetooth speaker the UE Roll 2 is basically, da bomb. There are other models but this is the best one under £100. It has won practically every tech award going and happens to look very pretty too – especially if you go for a limited edition version like the current Tropical Anime (above left) or Drippy styles.

When I say indestructible I am not kidding. For starters this thing loves water – belt it out in the shower, take it kayaking, hell, jump in the sea with it – it is the SAS commando of wireless speakers. And to prove the point, here are several beautiful young things playing about with it in splashy situations…




It has insanely good sound with a big booming base and none of that tinny rubbish. With a ‘marine-grade’ bungee cord you can strap and go, and attach it to virtually anything, making it totally portable. AND it has a 19-metre wireless range – you can use your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to control the party from up to 19 metres away.

In short, I think it’s just about perfect in size, price and cool factor and would make a brilliant fun present-to-self, or a teenager who has done well in their GCSEs today!

One word of warning – you will have banked a lot of cool points by buying one of these things, so don’t go and ruin it by playing your Take That Ultimate Collection anywhere but in the shower.

ue-speaker_life_01-640x427-c, £79 available from John Lewis, Reading

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