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IT As A Service

Muddy says: Stop furiously pressing buttons! If you’re having IT issues or need advice but don’t have a magic number to IT support, then Barnaby Relf of IT As A Service is your new BFF.

monochrome home office with white mac and desk accessories and black walls

Oh how we miss calling that magic extension number to IT. If you work from home, have you’re own business or you’re just banging your head against the keyboard because your online food shop just won’t go through, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

First you start with the obsessive pressing of the buttons, then it moves on to huffily turning you laptop, PC, MAC or tablet on and off again… and still nothing works. What you need is Barnaby Relf on speed dial. He’s the owner of IT As A Service, and there’s no problem too big or too small that he cannot help you with. Just to give you an idea, he should be your go-to guy for computer and software issues, repairs, security, backups and recovery, new installations, networking, servers, cloud services and IT consultancy. And we’re just dipping our toe in his technical waters here.

Having spent 25 years working in organisations, large and small, and across multiple industries, Barnaby has set up on his own to provide IT services across Berkshire and Hampshire. He lives just south of Reading, is married to Zoe and with 3 boys who keep him on his techy toes.

What Barnaby doesn’t know about IT, he’s got a man on his speed dial who does. So try and refrain from throwing your devices at the wall. Save yourself a hefty insurance bill and call IT As A Service instead.

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