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Lazy girl’s guide to party perfection

Cinders you will go to the NYE ball and you won't look a hot mess. Here's our guide to long-lasting hair and make up for the biggest party night of the year.

Hair and make up that can go the distance on New Year’s Eve, is as tricky as choosing what shoes to wear that won’t hurt your feet after an hour. For me, not only do I lack of patience but the skill. Spending hours meticulously applying layer upon layer of lotions, potions and powders, eats into valuable drinking time.

But if you want to look hot rather than a hot mess when the ‘hello 2019’ selfies are being snapped, listen up. I popped into hair and beauty salon Ross Poole in Cookham – an oasis of glamour – to quiz them on powerful party beauty, for the mother of all nights out.

Get your glow on

Environ Hydroboost Facial

Electric current zapping moisture into my face, if it could get blast my double chin too that would be magic.

If you’re face is looking frazzled – too much wine, not enough water, heating cranked up – then give it drink. Necking water ain’t gonna cut it, so I treated myself to a Environ Hyrdoboost Facial – loved by Sadie Frost and Hilary Swank.

Based on Hyaluronic Acid, which holds 1000 times it’s own weight in water, it helps to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and increase plumpness of the dermis, resulting in moisturised, glowing skin. Sold to the lady with a face like a raisin.

The brilliant thing about this treatment is that, unlike other facials, you can have this on the day of y0ur shindig. Plus it’s all based on proper science, fusing the latest medical grade beauty treatments with high-performance ingredients, with the products based on a low dose of vitamin A, which helps to improve your skin’s appearance.

How does it work? Electric currents work the serums deep into the skin, stimulates collagen production, making your skin look, brighter, plumper and glowing. I was really impressed with the results. Parts of my face were really dry and agitated (the result of a DIY waxing incident on my moustache), but one Environ session improved its appearance. Regular Environ facials could knock 20 years off this face.


Primed and ready

Ross Poole’s beautician Terri, is a stickler for applying a primer. Once you’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised your face, a primer is essential as a base for your make up to cling to. Miss this vital step out and you’ll find your make up has melted before your’ve got through your first drinks.

Magic of minerals

What you wear on your your face is entirely down to personal preference. But Terri swears by Jane Iredale’s mineral make up. Layering up the foundations, avoids that cakey finish you can get from some products.

Cream vs powder

As I get older, I find cream make-up much softer, a bit more forgiving and longer lasting. Supermodels swear by them too, and we have so much common. Try Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, £22, Fabled and dab a little onto to the apples of your cheeks.

I also use an eye shadow stick. Blending in with my finger. If you need to top up, there’s no need for brushes, a quick dab and you’re done. You can’t goo wrong with Nars Velvet Shadow Stic, £21.

Read my lips

If you want your lipstick to stick to your face and not your glass, then you’ve got to blot… a lot. When you applying foundation, make sure you go over your lips. Remove excess oils and moisture with a tissue. Apply lip liner and blot, before applying your lipstick with a brush. Continue to blot and reapply until you’re happy withe colour. Tadah. Gorgeous, kissable lips… just remember your lippie won’t survive a snog at midnight. If you need to seriously lock in your lip colour – how much kissing are you planning? – apply 80s favourite, Lipcote, £3.69.

Can you fix it? 

Yes you can! Terri recommends using a setting spray to help your make up go the distance. Powders can be a bit ageing, but Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray, £19.20 will keep you face fresh until the clock strikes midnight.



Pro blow out

When it comes to hair, nothing beats a professional blow dry. Ross Poole has been a hairdresser for years, trained at Toni & Guy and worked with Charles Worthington, before opening his own salons. He reckons a good salon blow dry should last a few days, so to me it’s a no brainer on a big night out to leave it to an expert to tame my wild barnet.

His Cookham salon has a Blow Dry Bar offering 4 different looks: Straight, Chelsea (think gorgeous loose barrel waves), a done-undone up do and a beachy wave. Each look costing £30.

I rarely wear my hair up (apart from a mum bun or pony tail on dirty hurty hair days), for fear of looking like a Victorian school mistress, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. The brief was to keep it messy, y’know, a bit corpse bride, and I loved the results

Getting dirty

Clean hair is a no no for up dos. If you want hold, one or two days without a wash is the best best.

Spray away 

Hair heroes: Bedroom.Hair, Shimmer.Shine and Session.Spray are beauty SOS buys

Clever products are a must. Ross uses Kevin Murphy’s brilliant range – a man who also just happens to style Kylie’s golden barnet. His products are amazing – kind to your hair, the planet and achieve phenomenal results. I’m a big fan.

Ross’s must-haves for party hair are: Bedroom.Hair, £22 – a cross between a dry shampoo and a fixing spray. It gives texture and volume without your hair getting crunchy. Working with this product, within seconds my hair resemble as Mufasa’s mane. It is incredible.

Shimmer.Shine, £22, is a superb multi-tasker – apply to damp hair before styling as a conditioning treatment or apply after styling to finish the look, add lustre and controlling those pesky flyaways.

To ensure everything sticks, Session.Spray, £22, is a must. Whether you’ve opted for an up-do or and off duty look, make sure your style lasts and lasts with a finishing product to keep hair in place. This spray is so light, you’ll never sport a helmet hair again.

Muddy Stilettos Berkshire ed Rachel Jane Hair up front and back view

It took, Ross about 30 minutes to get my hair ship shape. Pinned up and looking glamorously dishevelled.  The messy look is not going to be everyone’s taste, but I really liked. More importantly the pins didn’t hurt my head and it was brilliant to have an hour to myself to add the finishing touches to my party.


It’s no snip (oh come on, that’s brilliant) but for the service and seniority of Ross and Terri, it’s worth every penny. The Environ Hydroboost Facial is £90; Blow Dry Bar updo, £30 and party make up, £50. Ross Poole is a party girls dream. Simply shower yourself in sequins and pour yourself a bottle of bubbles No stress, just oozing all the shades of fabulous.

Ross Poole, 11 The Arcade High St, Maidenhead SL6 9TA, 01628 298384.

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