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Make this: Peach & lentil salad with warm pork tenderloin

19 Jul 2016

I saw this recipe over on Hero’s site this morning and totally pinched it because it looks so summery and delicious, and dead easy to make. Plus, tinned lentils means super quick and super healthy. That’s supper sorted for tonight. Tuck in Mudsters!

You are going to love this cook book. I can say that with confidence as usually every time I buy one I look at the pictures, try one or two recipes, give up and default to Jamie Oliver and Nigel Slater.

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This woman will make you *glow*

5 Apr 2016

Madeleine Shaw is a food blogger, cook and health coach, with a whopper 216k Instagram followers (yeah I’m channeling a bit of IG envy right there). The 26 year old author of cookbooks Get the Glow and Ready Steady Glow (published April 16) appears at the Oxford Literary Festival on 9 April to discuss Eating Your Way to Health and Wellbeing.

But if you can’t wait until then, I’ve already grabbed her by her lapels and screamed Make me GLOWWW!

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