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Try this: Stress therapy at Haven Wellbeing Hub

23 Sep 2016

Katie Palmer is a hugger. When I turned up for my first session at her holistic therapy centre, Haven Wellbeing Hub in Wokingham, she ignored my outstretched hand and gave me a lovely hug as if we were lifelong old friends. Which, if anyone else had done on a first meeting would have freaked me out, but coming from her, seemed the most natural thing in the world.

I wondered whether my treatment had already begun..

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Mr Muddy Berkshire tries: Nolan Osteopathy

16 Sep 2016

I’m a natural cynic when it comes to the whole holistic gamut, but one of the more established favourites I do believe in, having seen results, is osteopathy. So when Mr Muddy B’s clicky knees and frozen shoulder returned after a gruelling session of golf over the summer (poor lamb) I shuffled/shoved him (ow, ouch, OW!) into the expert arms of Maria Nolan at Nolan Osteopathy.

Maria and her husband Fergus started their business after Maria had been so impressed by osteopathy treatment she’d received for back pain that she retrained as an osteopath.

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Come float with me…

19 Mar 2016

Are you a floater? I wasn’t, but I’ve been converted after a trip to Berkshire’s only dedicated float centre, Floating Point in Pangbourne.

Before my appointment I mentioned my forthcoming float to a few people and I’ve never had such a mixed bag of reactions, ranging from abject horror, ‘Is the water clean?’, ‘Aren’t you frightened about being in a coffin?’ to blissfully on-board, ‘Ohhh, what I wouldn’t do to float away for a few hours’, ‘My sister tried it for back pain and says it’s amazing!’

I’d also read a blog post recently claiming that 1 hour’s float = 4 hours of deep sleep.

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