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How to stop the food fight

21 Mar 2017

Making sure your kids eat a balanced diet is hard. Is it five-a-day or seven these days? I’ve lost count. And if you have a fussy eater in the fam (guilty as charged, m’lud), the last thing you want to do is turn every mealtime into a battle ground. Add into the mix the occasional fish finger or chicken stripper dinner that (eek) hasn’t been made from scratch (who’s got the time?) and you’re left feeling a bit crap really.

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The place for the perfect smile

7 Mar 2017

Brits have a shocking reputation for bad teeth. I’m not sure it’s entirely justified. I mean how often do you see a set of gnashers that look like you’ve been eating an apple through a tennis racket. OK, so we’re not talking about Shane McGowan extreme, but probably all have a gander at our teeth and think there’s room for improvement.

If you’re anything like me, your teeth take a bit of a battering.

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13 new things to do or book this week 19-25 Jan

19 Jan 2017

We’re over the hump, Donald gets the keys to the White House and you get a weekend pass – buy the ticket and enjoy the ride: from ballet, to musicals, live music, wrestling and wine tasting (there’s always wine). Happy weekend y’all.


Bolshoi Live: The Sleeping Beauty, Corn Exchange Newbury, Sun 22 Jan

Is there anything more lovely than watching the ballet? Apart from a date night with Ryan Gosling, I’m gonna say no.

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Declutter and train your house wreckers

10 Jan 2017

Come on ‘fess up your clutter is out of control. It could be that yours is confined to the ‘junk’ drawer – a black hole where buttons, screws, drawing pins, random keys, cracker gifts and plastic bendy things gather cling together for moral support. Well, my house is fast becoming the supersize version of that drawer. The stuff gets bigger and the mess has been spreading like a virus. It started with the drawer, moved to a room and now seems to occupy everyone space.

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Try this: Stress therapy at Haven Wellbeing Hub

23 Sep 2016

Katie Palmer is a hugger. When I turned up for my first session at her holistic therapy centre, Haven Wellbeing Hub in Wokingham, she ignored my outstretched hand and gave me a lovely hug as if we were lifelong old friends. Which, if anyone else had done on a first meeting would have freaked me out, but coming from her, seemed the most natural thing in the world.

I wondered whether my treatment had already begun..

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Mr Muddy Berkshire tries: Nolan Osteopathy

16 Sep 2016

I’m a natural cynic when it comes to the whole holistic gamut, but one of the more established favourites I do believe in, having seen results, is osteopathy. So when Mr Muddy B’s clicky knees and frozen shoulder returned after a gruelling session of golf over the summer (poor lamb) I shuffled/shoved him (ow, ouch, OW!) into the expert arms of Maria Nolan at Nolan Osteopathy.

Maria and her husband Fergus started their business after Maria had been so impressed by osteopathy treatment she’d received for back pain that she retrained as an osteopath.

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Are they off to university? 5 student survival cookery courses

10 Aug 2016

My nephew’s been staying with us for a few days, and as he’s off to university in September we were chatting about how he’s going to survive on the cooking front. It occurred to me that it’s probably a subject cropping up in households across the county as young adults fly the nest *sob*. What will you do when they leave, taking their big clompy feet and wet towels with them? Uhh, turn their bedroom into a gym, reclaim my laptop charger and rejoice in not being Mum-Le-Taxi for a change? 

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Make this: Peach & lentil salad with warm pork tenderloin

19 Jul 2016

I saw this recipe over on Hero’s site this morning and totally pinched it because it looks so summery and delicious, and dead easy to make. Plus, tinned lentils means super quick and super healthy. That’s supper sorted for tonight. Tuck in Mudsters!

You are going to love this cook book. I can say that with confidence as usually every time I buy one I look at the pictures, try one or two recipes, give up and default to Jamie Oliver and Nigel Slater.

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Boiiiing! Jump In trampoline park tried and tested

19 Jul 2016

I don’t think I know anyone now who hasn’t been to a trampoline park (I even have a stash of those grippy socks in my drawer now). They’re such big business here, having arrived from across the Pond to transform the way us Brits play and get fit. And with our temperamental weather, they are indeed the perfect rainy day option. At the very least they’re a brilliant way to ensure those pesky kids actually get a good night’s sleep!

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This woman will make you *glow*

5 Apr 2016

Madeleine Shaw is a food blogger, cook and health coach, with a whopper 216k Instagram followers (yeah I’m channeling a bit of IG envy right there). The 26 year old author of cookbooks Get the Glow and Ready Steady Glow (published April 16) appears at the Oxford Literary Festival on 9 April to discuss Eating Your Way to Health and Wellbeing.

But if you can’t wait until then, I’ve already grabbed her by her lapels and screamed Make me GLOWWW!

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